Rob Gassman
The Great Ocean Walk was very beautiful, enjoyable and invigorating. We particularly loved the natural diversity we encountered along the way, encompassing coastal trails with panoramic ocean lookouts and views.
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Robyn Kay
We thoroughly enjoyed the changing landscapes and being winter and having the track to ourselves we saw so much wildlife which was fabulous. The inlet crossings at Elliot and Johanna rivers were a bit challenging given the big swells.
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Emma Curtin
The Great Ocean Walk was stunning and the variety of flora was amazing - it felt so different every day. We were nervous about whether we could do it, but we loved it and feel a real sense of achievement that we did it.
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David & Alice
As expected the views on the walk were spectacular and walking through forest/beach/dunes gave good variation. We cannot believe that in the 3 days we only met 2 other walkers!
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Rick & Kerilee
We had a great time. This coupled with the whole experience is one of the best holidays we have had in a long time. The Great Ocean Road map was great, identifying special areas of interest along the way.
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Cédric & Maria
The Great Ocean Walk was a fantastic experience and is one of the best experiences in our lives. Our tips would be to practice as much as you can beforehand, especially for the uphill day.
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Kyoko & Friends
The Great Ocean Walk is wonderful experience for us. Above all, you'll meet with Koalas, Kangroos, Wallabies, Beaked Echidnas and Snakes!
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This was certainly the only catered walk I found for the dates I had available, and probably the only catered walk with ANY start date, variable lengths/sections. Fantastic introduction to long walks.
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Rachel & Stephan
We found the Great Ocean Walk just as good as what we have experienced anywhere, including Milford Sound in NZ. We enjoyed it immensely as we prepared well over the 3 months prior – no blisters, exhaustion and we were able to soak it all in.
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Barry Great Ocean Walk.
Baz and Sandra
Sandy and I completed the walk last Saturday. I am now back at work in Brisbane trying to settle into the work and failing. My head is still back walking along the path.
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Katrin-Great Ocean-Walk2
Enjoy every second! It’s not a walk that’s worth rushing through but something that should be enjoyed. Doing parts of the GOW makes me want to do more walking, but in doing so I really would like to support local communities and businesses.
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Karen great ocean walk
'The Walk' was one of the finest scenic walks we have undertaken, abundance of flora and fauna and impressive views everywhere you looked. Our tips for future walkers would be to be prepared for wet weather.
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Norm & Joan
The walk was an incredible experience. We couldn't wait to get started in the morning. The views along the coast were absolutely stunning. We couldn't get enough of it. We even saw a koala at eye level sleeping in a manna gum tree.
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John Halliday
The actual walk was very good, and we enjoyed our two nights in the peaceful surrounding of the Lighthouse. Our tip would be to stay at the Eco-Hostel in Apollo Bay – very good facilities, especially the bathrooms!
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Steve & Julie Great Ocean Walk.
Julie & Steve
The walk was great - we had the best weather ever.  I have done lots of walks and treks in Australia and around the world and this one would rate in the best category for the views, the views and the views.
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Rebecca Euwers
We came to Australia from the USA for the Australian Open Tennis tournament and decided that we would be in the area for two weeks. We went to the tournament for the first week and needed something to do for the remainder of the trip.
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