I was pleased that Walk91 could easily accommodate our additional request to do a short 8km walk at the start of the tour, thus filling the afternoon after having arrived in Apollo Bay. The itinerary was very well planned. Walking back from Shelly Beach into Marengo and Apollo Bay let us really appreciate the solitude and scenery of the next three days of walking.

We really appreciated having the Walk91 Telstra phone with us to arrange pickups. We spent 2 1/2 hours at the Lighthouse… (including lunch, talking to lighthouse staff and discussing the Aboriginal display) and did not manage to see everything on site! One of the cultural highlights on the tour.

The Apollo Bay Youth Hostel was wonderful. We loved the atmosphere of the Guest House, the considerate hosts, everything was well prepared. We found it easy to find the meeting spots each day.

We enjoyed most of the walk thoroughly, views, scenery and wildlife. The only part we struggled with was the long uphill leg towards Milanesia 3 ways, walking across farmland. At the end of a long day walking this was quite challenging. Other than predicted, we did not find the leg between Milanesia Gate and Moonlight Head very hard but enjoyed every minute of it, and all the steep parts too.

Our tips for future walkers are take your time in order to take everything in – its not a walk that’s worth rushing through but something that should be enjoyed. Enjoy every second! Doing parts of the GOW makes me want to do more walking, but in doing so I really would like to support local communities and businesses.