Robyn Kay

It was lovely having the track to ourselves in winter but take good wet weather gear for the rain squalls. “ There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes” ( Billy Connolly).   Don’t rush….stop often to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes… even in winter there is so much to see..  abundant wildlife and small flowers still in bloom.

We thoroughly enjoyed the changing landscapes and being Winter and having the track to ourselves we saw so much wildlife which was fabulous. The inlet crossings at Elliot and Johanna rivers were a bit challenging given the big swells, however we had been prepared by staff and watched carefully for the safest time to cross. We appreciated that the staff knew the conditions well.

We were delighted with all aspects of the experience from booking to completion- comprehensive information and notes, helpful hints and expertise about the walk prepared us well for the experience.

We cannot fault both places where we stayed- they exceeded our expectations. Loved that we were in cottages separate to others, great facilities and food was nourishing and substantial.