Kyoko & Friends

In Japan, there is the book ”The World’s Best 10 Trails” (by Sherpa Saito). I’ve read the book and looked out  “Great Ocean Walk” on internet. Great Ocean Walk is flat and it’s fit for middle (old?) age rather than young.We feel the trail is long, not hard like mountain climbing in Japan.

The Great Ocean Walk is wonderful experience for us. Above all, you’ll meet with Koalas, Kangroos, Wallabies, Beaked Echidnas and Snakes!

For Parks Victoria, it’s difficult to find exit in Blanket Bay.  The camper told us the point. Please build the gate (the monument) like “Begin”.We want cheers at goal!

The comfortable walk! Nancy has planned the itinerary for us 7 just as I proposed.   It’s perfect.  Each accommodation is very good. Thank you very much to make the comfortable trekking tour for us.