Emma Curtin

The Great Ocean Walk was stunning and the variety of flora was amazing – it felt so different every day. The best part is knowing that no matter how many times Jane and I may have driven down the Ocean Road over the years, there were views that we would never have seen from the road.

There is no doubt that some parts were tough and as Jane and I are 61 and 51 respectively, we were nervous about whether we could do it, but now we know it’s possible with a little perseverance – a bit of encouragement for the ‘more senior’ walkers out there!

Our only tip would be we wish we’d bought lip balm – it gets quite windy on the track and lips were very cracked by the end of the trip.

We were really impressed with how well organised everything was and how smoothly things came together. And it was a great comfort to know that if anything went wrong or we’d just had enough, we could call for help or an earlier pick up. We loved it and feel a real sense of achievement that we did it.