Rebecca Euwers

We are back in the United States and we want you all to know how thrilled we were with our Great Ocean Walk and the itinerary that Walk 91 put together for us. We came to Australia for the Australian Open Tennis tournament and decided that we would be in the area for two weeks. We went to the tournament for the first week and needed something to do for the remainder of the trip and found the Walk91 website. The people I contacted were very nice to plan the second half of our trip for us.

The walk itself was fantastic… The whole of the experience was fantastic and there is so much variety on the walk and so much beauty. We saw a snake, Australian porcupine, king parrots, and kangaroo on the walk. I think bringing bandages for blisters is a good suggestion for other walkers. Also I thank walk 91 for providing the fly nets, I wore mine and thought it was great, my husband did not think he needed his. The walking sticks were very helpful.

I was very pleased with the way our itinerary was planned. Walk 91 did an excellent job, they provided me with a very nice day pack, walking sticks, and a GPS system. They made all arrangements for us to get there from Melbourne and made all accommodation arrangements and this gave us a chance to just relax and enjoy ourselves because they took care of all the details… The accommodation providers were really outstanding… We met two lovely Australian couples whom we ate dinner with and visited with until almost midnight! The food was excellent!! After the third day’s walk we were taken to a beautiful B+B that had wonderful views and was very clean.

There was also a TV and so we enjoyed watching the Australian open that evening. All of the accommodations provided excellent breakfasts and lunches to take on our walks, there was plenty of food! Walk 91 should stick with these accommodation providers! I do not think there was anything that could be improved upon in that regard. Also, we found our bags each evening at the providers homes so that was well done.

We did not have any trouble finding the pick up points each day. Everyone involved with the walk was very friendly and helpful and I thank you for making our trip to Australia most memorable, pleasurable and a trip of a lifetime! I would highly recommend Walk91!