Baz & Sandra

Sandy and I completed the walk last Saturday. I am now back at work in Brisbane trying to settle into the work and failing. My head is still back walking along the path.

Please note in the photo the fact that I have a cord wrapped around my left boot toe.  At the end of day 3, I noticed to my horror that the sole of my Scapa boot was coming off in a big way.  (I should point out that these boots are were my pride and joy) 10 years old and I wanted to keep them. I used my knife to carve a trench thru the sole and used the cord I carried to tie the sole on. I expected the replace the string a couple of times a day. No way, it lasted the rest of the walk no problem. The boots are now in a Melbourne bin after Sandy prised them from my arms and told me to “just let them go”.

We kept waiting for the “hard” section on day 5 but it didn’t happen.  I guess it is harder than the rest of the walk, but it is also the best part of the walk. Some walkers complain about the parts of the walk that are on forestry trails or country roads or across a farm.  Well Sandy and I loved the variety.

My overall feedback is excellent and thanks for making it so successful.  Mark we very much appreciated the visit and chat on the night before the walk.  All the accommodation was great.  Again the variety was wonderful. The Eco Lodge was an excellent education.  A walk thru their property and we found 12 koalas without trying. So thanks guys.