Karen A

This was my first “walk” – a personal test before I set out to sate my curiosity of the ‘el Camino’. And I hiked alone. After lunch on Day 1 I began to treasure the solitude.

I never doubted my ‘safety’, with a borrowed phone and ‘reception’ points clearly marked on my map, and an EPIRB for that final insurance.

With life’s craziness back in full swing, I cherish my memories of that feeling of tranquility.

This was certainly the only catered walk I found for the dates I had available, and probably the only catered walk with ANY start date, variable lengths/sections. Fantastic introduction to long walks. Immaculate rooms, hot showers and hearty meals . . . what else is required after 20km?

Scenery ranged from spectacular to picturesque, terrain from rugged to light, and track clearly signed in the vast majority. Personalised transport each morning and afternoon, all I had to do was walk!