Norm & Joan

The walk was an incredible experience. We couldn’t wait to get started in the morning. The views along the coast were absolutely stunning. Walks through the forest, the hill country with the paddocks and grazing sheep, the rugged coast overlooking, the Great Southern Ocean with waves crashing along the rocky shoreline, we couldn’t get enough of it. We even saw a koala at eye level sleeping in a manna gum tree. Our hosts at the Conservation Centre took the time to explain about the plight of koala’s in the past and the efforts to reintroduce them into the wild.

We started thinking about where to spend our holiday time a few months ago. We wanted to do something a little different and after doing some surfing on the internet we found Walk 91. We decided the walk was something we both would like to do. We were not disappointed.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience and the work that Walk 91 did to plan and arrange this adventure for us. There were absolutely no worries for us as everything was arranged. The safety talk before we started was helpful, particularly the tide charts and the discussion on the decision points along the route. We also made good use of the walking poles.

All of our accommodations were great. The food was excellent throughout the week, and the fire in the fireplace at the farmhouse was a nice touch. All of our hosts were very friendly and made us feel welcome.

We were happy when we reach the end point at the Twelve Apostles that we had completed the walk, but saddened that it was over.