Julie & Steve

The walk was great – we had the best weather ever.  I have done lots of walks and treks in Australia and around the world and this one would rate in the best category for the views, the views and the views.  You never tire of turning a corner and seeing yet another wonderful beach view.  And, if you tire of it, no problem as the walk through bush land and forest is as equally rewarding.  We saw 2 koalas at the beginning of the walk – and have photos to prove it and later saw kangaroos.

You have to take your time to enjoy everything.  Enjoy and don’t rush.  You may not come back !! Steve took heaps (and heaps) of photos and you know, that was OK.  We took lot of breaks just overlooking the beach and at the lighthouse, we stayed 1.5 hours. You really need to take the time you want – it is not a race.  If it was, it would be called the Great Ocean Marathon ….

Steve and I had a fantastic holiday and we thought the whole walk, the organisation with Walk 91, the accommodation, etc were all just great.  We heard about Walk 91 from friends who had used your services before.

We thought the itinerary was great – we enjoyed the flexibility of the package. Meeting spots and signage was all pretty good. We only stayed in one Guesthouse and we thought the hosts were fantastic. The food was great – the local products and the wonderful cuisine in such a nice environment made us forget of the little and the big hills of the day before and of the little and big hills we knew were there waiting for us the next day !!

The driver was excellent – always in a good mood, always ready to help and a very very good ambassador for the area and the walk. Going a bit further was never too much.