The Best Time of Year to Experience the Great Ocean Walk & Road

As Apollo Bay locals, we are often asked here at Walk91 when the best time is to experience the Great Ocean Walk. Our answer is generally anytime—if you come prepared. There is no such thing as a bad walk, only bad preparation!

The following blog will offer guidance on walking the Great Ocean Walk at different times throughout the year. If we leave you feeling inspired to begin your adventure, consider booking one of our Best-selling Great Ocean Walk Tours.

What Are the Best Months of the Year to Consider Walking the Great Ocean Walk?

Spring, autumn, and summer (if it is not too hot) are the best times to explore the Great Ocean Walk trail with us. If you decide to tackle the walk in the winter, it is still beautiful, but remember you will be walking through lush, rain-soaked rainforests. Expect frequent rain and muddy sections.

A person wearing a sunhat, sunglasses, a white shirt, and pink shorts hikes uphill on a trail with ocean and trees in the background.

Spring on the Great Ocean Walk

If you prefer to hike in slightly cooler weather and don’t mind the occasional rain shower, spring is a perfect time to walk. September to November is an ideal period, as it offers pleasant weather, blooming spring flowers, and vibrant wildlife.

Summer on the Great Ocean Walk

In December, the weather in this part of Victoria starts to warm up, making it a lovely time to explore the Great Ocean Walk. However, by January and February, it can get quite hot, and the flies become more numerous. If you are not accustomed to walking long distances in the heat and have not been training for hot weather, we suggest avoiding these peak summer months. February, in particular, is also a time when fire warnings are more common.

A person with hiking gear walks down a coastal trail towards a sandy beach with waves under a clear blue sky.

Autumn on the Great Ocean Walk

As you move into March and April, the weather begins to cool down, making it a perfect time to walk if you enjoy the sunshine without extreme heat. Easter is an especially pleasant time to walk, but you need to book early as it is a very popular period.

May and June see further cooling, with occasional light showers, but it’s still a great time to enjoy walking the track. Walk91 is still operating during this period, and it is one of our favorite times of the year.

Winter on the Great Ocean Walk

In July and August, we typically receive a lot of rain (if we’re lucky!). The wet weather is perfect for refilling the water tanks on the track and rejuvenating the rainforest. However, it’s not ideal if you’re walking in it every day. If you come prepared with high-quality wet weather gear and sturdy walking boots, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider a walk at this time. However, if you have a choice, we suggest walking during the milder times of the year listed above.

Besides the rain, one of the challenges you might face is higher tides and swells. However, the Great Ocean Walk offers several decision points where you can choose the high tide or low tide route, so this should not prevent you from completing the trail from Apollo Bay to the 12 Apostles.

You can do this walk in as few as four days, but only if you are really fit! See our full selection of hiking options here: Great Ocean Walk Tours.

And remember, although we offer a mix of supported camping packages – Great Ocean Walk with Accommodation or Great Ocean Walk without Accommodation – in the summer months, we do not offer these in the winter months. We would only suggest staying in accommodation in the winter.

So, no matter what month you choose to walk, it pays to be prepared for any weather eventuality… sun, wind, or rain. And always remember to leave details of when and where you will be walking with friends and family before you start your walk, especially if you are not walking with a support team behind you 🙂

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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