How long is the Great Ocean Walk & why it was created

The Great Ocean Walk was born over a few red wines by some old Apollo Bay locals who loved bushbashing though the Otways. They dreamed of joining up the many secluded beach trails with the old well-trodden logging tracks to create one continuous walk that would be accessible to everyone. They never would have believed at the time how successful this idea would turn out to be!

With Parks Victoria onboard the Great Ocean Walk became a reality in 2006, and the partnership program they began with local Apollo Bay businesses watched the walk soar to fame all over the world.

Mark Kininmonth helped build the Great Ocean Walk trail as a Park Ranger, and when he created his walk business to support visitors navigating the trail, Walk91 became the first local business to join this partnership program. You can read our story if you’d like to know more.

Back in 2006 the walk was only 91kms long (hence Walk91’s name). However, once it was clear that the walk was a great hit and people were traveling from far and wide to experience the trail, several realignments were made to improve the track increasing its distance to 104kms.

The Great Ocean Walk starts in the small township of Apollo Bay (an old whaling station and logging town) and ends at the magnificent 12 Apostles. This shot below shows Mark and his partner Nancy holding the old ‘Great Ocean Walk’ sign from 2006 which used to Mark the spot in Apollo Bay where the walk started, now standing on the newer trailhead.

The entire walk is beautiful, passing through numerous areas of cultural and historical significance, including Parker Inlet (the site of the Eric the Red shipwreck which you can still see today at low tide) Johanna Beach, Wreck Beach, and the famous Twelve Apostles rock formation.  The walk even passes by the oldest and most significant Lighthouse on mainland Australia, as well as through its cemetery; the final resting place of the old lighthouse keepers and their families.

The walk is also known for its geological and dinosaur history, and its cliffs are some of the highest on mainland Australia. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert walker to enjoy this track. Walk91 take into consideration your walking pace and the distances you feel comfortable hiking and then we create the perfect itinerary for you.

The most important thing to consider when planning your walk is to make sure that the kilometers are manageable for you. Our walks vary from 50kms over 3 days, to the hardest walk which is 104kms over 4 days  – for the very fit only! We find that after a quick chat with our clients we can really hone in on which walk would suit you best and go from there.

Our custom-made walks along this now-iconic route include organising accommodation each night, vehicle shuttles where needed, and bag transfers so that you can walk pack-free.

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