10 Of The World’s Best Coastal Hikes With Beautiful Views

Put simply, nothing beats a coastal walk. Filling your lungs with sea air and walking alongside the ever-changing ocean waves is one of the best ways to hike. Not only do you never get bored, but beautiful views make the walk easy, no matter how long it is!

At Walk91, we love exploring in a pair of walking boots. While Australia is our home, we love being inspired by other wonderful coastal hikes around the world. So we’ve listed below 10 exciting walks  that you might just want to add to your bucket list! 

If you happen to be in Australia and want to experience one of the world’s most beautiful coastal walks, check out our Self Guided Great Ocean Walk Tours. Ranging in length and ability, these trails give you the freedom to explore one of the world’s most breathtaking spots your way.

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1. Explore the Great Ocean Walk in Victoria, Australia

The Great Ocean Walk can take between 5 and 8 days to complete. The walking legs can be arranged to suit your time constraints and fitness levels depending on your needs. 

Whether you want to do the full walk or try our Great Ocean Walk 3 Day, this trail is known across the globe for its beautiful scenery and the array of wildlife you may encounter. The 3-day 50km trail is great for beginners and experienced walkers alike.

If you travel the Great Ocean Walk with Walk91, you can enjoy the luxury of us taking all of your luggage between your accommodation as you progress along the track. This means you’re free to experience the walk without heavy packs and can take your time along the trail.  

2. Enjoy the South West Coastal Path in England

If you’re in England and want to enjoy one of the country’s nicest coastal walks, try The South West Coast Path. As England’s longest-waymarked long-distance footpath, this National Trail stretches for 630 miles from Minehead, Somerset to Poole Harbour in Dorset.

Taking in the gorgeous coasts of Devon and Cornwall, make sure to bring a camera for every moment of this 52-day walk. Intersperse this self-guided walk with visitor attractions and activities, like surfing, paddle boarding, and kayaking.

Rocky coastline with a cliffside path, waves crashing against the shore, and a cloudy, stormy sky in the background. A couple of houses are visible near the edge of the cliff.

3. Trek El Camino de Santiago, the Spanish Route

There are many ways to embark upon the iconic Camino de Santiago, or Way of St James. Traditionally a religious pilgrimage, many people now choose the route as a challenging walking holiday or to connect with their heritage. 

The Camino del Norte, or Northern Way, is also known as the Ruta de la Costa. Beginning in Irun, this trail crosses dramatic scenery along the northern coast of Spain. The first major stop is the small city of San Sebastian in the Basque region, famed for Michelin-starred restaurants, beaches, and a natural harbour in the Bay of Biscay. 

Further on, you can enjoy Bilbao and its renowned Guggenheim Museum. From here, forest tracks, medieval towns, and coastal villages await as you make your way to the port city of Santander, the capital of the Cantabria region on the northern coast, among many other spots.

An ancient stone bridge with multiple arches spans a calm river, reflecting the bridge and autumn trees lining the riverbanks under a clear blue sky.

4. Experience the Dalmatia Islands Walk, Croatia

Starting and ending in Dubrovnik, most tours around the Dalmatia Islands are eight days in length and include The Old Town of Dubrovnik, Konavle and its vineyards, Mljet Island, and Sipan Island.

The Dubrovnik Coast and Islands walking tour will show you the natural beauty of the old villages in the Konavle region, the Elaphiti islands, and the Mljet island national park. Most walks are self-guided and are rated easy to moderate, with plenty of stays in hotels and guest houses peppered in between, making for a comfortable, exciting route.

Many parts of the trail are 14km and under, meaning you can space out the walks with sightseeing.

Aerial view of a coastal town with red-roofed buildings and a marina filled with sailboats, surrounded by green hills and overlooking a calm, blue body of water.

5. Go Further Afield to Jeju Olle, South Korea

South Korea is a burgeoning country for hiking. At 262 miles, the Jeju Olle Trail (roughly translated as The Pathway) opened in 2007 and encircles the Korean volcanic island of Jeju. 

This route comprises 21 connected and well-signposted trails and follows the coastline. Here, you can enjoy panoramic views of the ocean and the Hallasan mountains rising in the country’s interior. Break up the miles by counting off the 368 ‘oreums’, or mini volcanoes, as you pass. 

6. Take a Short Hike on Sentiero degli Dei, Amalfi, Italy

This five-mile route is also known as the ‘Path of the Gods’ and is located on the Amalfi Coast. It’s a short, but beautiful trail that follows old donkey routes between Agerola and Nocelle. These small towns expand out into forested valleys and vineyards while keeping the Mediterranean Sea in sight.

The island Capri winks in the distance. While the pace isn’t too hard-going, there is a vertiginous drop to one side, so be mindful if you’re fearful of heights! If you don’t want to take the high route, there’s a low route to choose. This is a great day walk.

A hiker walks along a rocky trail on a hillside overlooking a coastal landscape with cliffs and the sea, under a partly cloudy sky.

7. Step into Nature on the West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island, Canada

If you want to go backpacking through the country, the West Coast Trail (or WCT as locals call it), is a 46-mile trek on the southwestern island of Vancouver in British Columbia. Prepare for complete wilderness and take plenty of supplies!

This trail has plenty of challenges, including over 100 ladders to tackle. Once used by the First People to travel between neighbouring villages, you’re walking along history as you encounter beautiful scenery along this coastal trail.

A scenic beach with calm waters and a mountain in the background. Few people are visible on the shoreline, with one person standing next to a paddleboard. Partly cloudy sky.

8. Lycian Way, Turkey

While Turkey might not spring to mind as a great spot for hiking, it should! This trail is perfect for history lovers and has been written about in Roman and Greek history texts. This route goes along the coast of ancient Lycia in the south of Turkey. 

The Lycian Way is pretty easy to follow, which keeps the Mediterranean sea in view and winds through mountains on old Roman roads. Look out for the ancient Myra rock tombs and the historic site of ancient Olympia. 

9. Loop the Mount Maunganui Track, New Zealand

This 6.4-km loop trail is located near Tauranga, Bay of Plenty. It is a challenging route that takes just over two hours to complete. It’s a popular route for hiking and running, so you’ll see many people embarking on the trail with you!

Open year-round, this well-maintained trail offers amazing views from the top of Mount Maunganui. It can get a little crowded, so aim to park along the beach and walk towards the trail or go at sunrise to experience it with fewer people.

10. Discover the Makapuu Lighthouse Trail, Hawaii 

Our final destination is the beautiful Makapuu Lighthouse Trail in Hawaii. The trail takes roughly three hours and has a moderate incline up to its 647-foot summit. Popular in whale season, if you visit between December and April you’ll see these humpbacks offshore.

So, that is our quick list of inspiring hiking destinations, and we hope we have ignited in you the desire to grab your walking boots and get exploring!!

And remember, if you are heading to Southern Australia and want some advice on how to tackle our magnificent Great Ocean Walk   on a multi-day hike, get in touch! We are here to plan the perfect walking experience for anyone who dreams of walking it. 

Until next time, happy adventuring!

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