Choosing the Right Great Ocean Walk for You 

Are you dreaming of doing the Great Ocean Walk in Apollo Bay, Victoria? We aren’t surprised! The Great Ocean Walk extends along 104 km of Victoria’s matchless coastline; this is truly the trip of a lifetime. 

To begin preparing for your big adventure, you must first decide what kind of walk is right for you. At Walk91, we prepare a variety of guided and self-guided tour options to meet the needs of our visitors. From Self-Guided Walking Tours in Victoria that include accommodation and dining add-ons to our Great Ocean Walk with Camping options and Bus Tours of the Great Ocean Walk.

The following blog will shine a light on the different walking experiences available to you – we hope we provide you with lots of helpful information and inspiration! If you have any questions, please get in touch.

A view of the ocean from the top of a hill.

The Great Ocean Walk – Self-Guided Walking Tours

From three-day to ten-day itineraries, our full selection of Self-Guided Walking Tours in Victoria offers plenty of choice. 

Our 12 Apostles Walk, for instance, provides a thrilling three-day journey along the most rugged and isolated part of the Great Ocean Walk, spanning 62km and ending at the iconic Twelve Apostles. Perfect for adventurers with limited time, this ‘Wild Side’ trek offers well-marked paths requiring no technical expertise, comfortable accommodation, friendly hosts, and locally prepared, healthy meals – dramatic ocean scenery with lots of comfort along the way! 

Meanwhile, our Seven-Day Great Ocean Road Walk covers a quite incredible 104 km. This itinerary lets you experience all the majestic beauty that the Great Otway National Park and the Port Campbell National Park have to offer at a relaxed pace.

These walking options are ideal for travellers who want to have to take care of as little organisation as possible. We take care of practicalities so you can focus on what’s most important – having the kind of unforgettable vacation you deserve! 

Camping on the Great Ocean Walk

Talk of camping may sound like ‘roughing it’ to some travellers, but that would be a poor characterisation of Walk91’s tours featuring camping. We did, in fact, design our two camping tours to provide guests with an enjoyable mix of home comforts and a memorable camping experience at some of the very best camping sites found along the Great Ocean Walk.  

Although our Six-Day Great Ocean Walk Tour with Camping features three nights of staying in campsites, it also includes two nights in cozy accommodations with catering and hassle-free transport of your gear.  Additional perks include shuttle services, supplied drinking water, a map, detailed walk notes, and a return transfer to Apollo Bay on the final day. Participants also receive a complimentary Cape Otway Lighthouse ticket, access to an Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB), and the option to use a mobile phone and walking poles or sticks for added safety and convenience.

These hybrid tours truly offer the best of both worlds! 

A group of people walking along a beach.

Great Ocean Walk Bus Tours from Apollo Bay

If you’d like to have a basecamp for the duration of your time exploring the Great Ocean Walk, then our Day and Multi-Day Self-Guided Bus Tours from Apollo Bay are the perfect choice for you! 

Our Great Ocean Walk Bus Tours from Apollo Bay offer local expertise, safety, and comprehensive resources, ensuring your daily walking experiences are enjoyable from start to finish. Benefit from local support and stay connected with daily updates on trail conditions, comprehensive packing lists, and secure walk recommendations. Dive into the history and culture of the area with detailed walking notes and the official Great Ocean Walk Map.

Our bus tour options can also be tailored, with the flexibility to start on any date and select the number of days that suit you best. By taking a bus out onto the route each morning, you will lighten your load and only have to carry the essentials.

Explore all our Bus Tours on the Great Ocean Walk

A white lighthouse sits on top of a hill overlooking the ocean.

An Entirely Customised Great Ocean Walk Adventure with Walk91

Choosing a Custom Tour of the Great Ocean Walk with Walk91 offers unparalleled flexibility and personalisation for your walking holiday in Victoria. Whether you’re seeking additional rest days to relax on Victoria’s stunning beaches or just wish to ensure you’re walking at your own pace, our tailored services cater to every need. 

With options for early or late pick-ups by our drivers and a convenient text system for updates on your whereabouts, we ensure that your walking experience is both comfortable and accommodating. For groups with varying walking speeds, we can arrange split pickups to suit both faster and slower walkers, ensuring everyone enjoys their journey without feeling rushed or held back. Additionally, we welcome non-walking friends or family to stay in the accommodation, providing transport to ensure everyone can spend quality time together, regardless of their participation in the walk.

Our custom tours also cater to those with specific interests, such as photographers and artists looking for shorter walks that allow ample time to capture the beauty of the surroundings, or those wishing to extend their walk to include a stay in Port Campbell. For a truly memorable experience, we can organise a helicopter ride over the 12 Apostles, offering a breathtaking aerial view of this iconic landmark. If you have any special requests or questions, we encourage you to reach out, as our goal is to provide a customized walking holiday that exceeds your expectations. 

This brings a close to our blog on picking the right kind of Great Ocean Walk tour for you. If you’d like to continue learning about travel in Victoria and all the things that make the Great Ocean Walk so spectacular, explore the Walk91 Travel Blog

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