How to Choose the Right Great Ocean Walk Holiday for You

Planning a trip to the Great Ocean Walk, but don’t know where to begin? You’re in the right place! Located on the stunning coastline of Victoria, this 110km walk offers a diverse range of experiences to enjoy. We know it can be overwhelming to choose a starting point, so we’ve drawn up a list of factors to consider ahead of your epic adventure.

At Walk91, we’ve been sharing the Great Ocean Walk with visitors for more than 16 years. As passionate walkers, our husband-and-wife team is well-placed to help you pick a walk that suits your needs. Our experiences offer everything from luggage transportation to informed general advice.

If you’d like a sample of the type of experiences we offer, take a look at our Best-selling Great Ocean Walk Tours of varying lengths and starting points. You can also explore our blog, which is full of helpful resources, including tips on activities along the trail, A Complete Guide to the Great Ocean Walk, and more.

Keep reading to figure out the right Great Ocean Walk holiday for you and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about our tours.

Define Your Adventure Style for the Great Ocean Walk

As you’ll know from initial research, the Great Ocean Walk caters to various adventure styles, from challenging hikes to easier walks. Before booking your Great Ocean Walk holiday, decide on your preferred level of activity.

If you’re an avid hiker seeking a challenge, some routes last over a week and have higher km per day on the itinerary. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more relaxed experience with time to explore the surroundings at a gentle pace, choose shorter, easier trails that last a couple of days or enjoy the full length but at a leisurely pace across 10 days.

Two people walking on a trail with a sign.

Choose the Duration of Your Great Ocean Walk Holiday

As you’ll see from our self-guided Great Ocean Walk Tours, the Great Ocean Walk’s 104km can take anywhere between three to 10 days. Consider your fitness level and how much time you have for your holiday when deciding on the length of your walk. While longer journeys allow for a more immersive experience, shorter trips are just as exciting if you only have a few days to spend on the trail.

A bench on a trail overlooking the ocean.

Consider Group Size for Your Great Ocean Walk Holiday

As you’ll know from previous trips, your choice of travel companions can impact your holiday experience — for better or worse! If the Great Ocean Walk is a long-term goal for you as a solo traveler, the route offers a wonderful opportunity for self-discovery in a beautiful setting. But some people prefer the camaraderie of traveling in a group, especially across long distances!

Whether you decide to travel alone or with a group, make sure everyone’s fitness levels and interests are aligned to make the journey enjoyable for everyone.

A woman sits in front of her tent at night.

Think About Accommodation on Your Great Ocean Walk Holiday

One essential part of planning a Great Ocean Walk holiday is choosing the right accommodation. There are plenty of options available along the route, ranging from camping to luxury lodges. Choosing a place to stay is all down to your comfort levels and lodging preferences. For example, if you prefer a more comfortable stay with amenities then be sure to look for lodgings that reflect that, but if you’re happy with a tent under the stars, then a campsite will be just fine!

To explore the range of accommodation options available along the Great Ocean Walk, take a look at our blog on Accommodation Guide for Great Ocean Road Holidays. We discuss Apollo Bay and Camp Otway and a range of accommodation options including motels, campsites, and B&Bs.

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Plan Your Budget for Your Great Ocean Walk Holiday

Much like any holiday, planning your budget for the Great Ocean Walk is essential. While different packages and accommodations can be pricey, doing price comparisons and seeing what’s included on each trip is worth it to get the best price point for you.

It’s also worth deciding early if you’re planning to do a tour of the Great Ocean Walk or a self-guided trek. Tours may have additional things included, such as meals, accommodation, or transport, so it’s worth checking out what options are available lined up against your budget. When Walk 91 tailors trips just for you, we can discuss the different price options in detail. If you would like to take care of food and accommodation on the Great Ocean Walk yourself, why not select our multi-day bus tours from Apollo Bay?

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Pick the Right Time of Year for Your Great Ocean Walk Holiday

Victoria experiences different seasons, each of which offers a unique atmosphere and scenery throughout the year. All months are equally great for taking this one-way route depending on how you get along with the heat.

You can read more in-depth information on our blog, to learn the best time of year to experience the Great Ocean Walk & Road. While the summer months provide warm weather and longer daylight hours, autumn brings milder temperatures and stunning foliage. Winter can be more challenging, but offers a quieter experience along the track if you’re seeking a solo adventure. As with any time of year, there may be some weather-related issues to consider — such as the risk of forest fires, wildlife encounters, and inclement days.

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What Support Do You Want on Your Great Ocean Walk Trip?

The level of support provided on the Great Ocean Walk varies depending on the trip you book. While some tours include experienced leaders, who provide insights as you walk, others offer a self-guided experience, meaning you can explore at your own pace.

If you’re a seasoned hiker and enjoy the challenge of navigating the trail independently, a self-guided option may be more suitable. On the other hand, if you prefer the reassurance of a knowledgeable guide, opt for a guided tour.

Three people hiking through a wooded area.

We hope these starting points will help you to plan your Great Ocean Walk holiday! Whether you’re seeking a challenging trek or a stroll along the picturesque coastline, the Great Ocean Walk has something to offer for every walker.

Remember, Walk91 has plenty of resources and information, which you can browse on our Great Ocean Walk blog. If you’d like to learn more about our multi-day tours of the Great Ocean Walk, please browse our website or get in touch. Until then, happy planning!