Planning Your Great Ocean Walk Adventure

Great Ocean Walk is an iconic and world-renowned trek that culminates at the breathtaking 12 Apostles. If you’re contemplating this spectacular journey, you might find it a tad overwhelming to decide how to approach it. Fear not, below is some local advice to help you make the most of this unforgettable experience.

Choosing Your Path

The first and foremost decision to make is how you’d like to tackle this adventure. Your approach to the Great Ocean Walk largely depends on your preferences and needs:

  1. Immerse in Nature: Do you relish the idea of camping, sleeping under the stars, and fully immersing yourself in Australia’s rich flora and fauna?
  2. Relax and Rejuvenate: After a long day’s hike, do you prefer unwinding in comfortable accommodations with hot showers and yummy meals prepared for you?
  3. Tailored Logistics: Maybe you’d like the logistics of the Great Ocean Walk to be taken care of while you arrange your accommodation and meals separately.

The beauty of it all is that there’s no right or wrong way to plan your Great Ocean Walk. Your choices should align with your personal preferences. Let’s delve into the three main options that walkers typically consider when embarking on this incredible journey.

A group of hikers walks along a grassy trail under a clear blue sky, with rolling hills visible in the background.

Accommodation and Catering

One crucial aspect to keep in mind is that there’s no accommodation directly on the Great Ocean Walk Trail. However, accommodations are available alongside the trail, bordering the Cape Otway National Park and Port Campbell National Park. If you opt for a package with us at Walk 91, we will arrange accommodations for you in locations close to your daily endpoint. This means that after a day’s walk, you’ll be promptly picked up and transported to your nearby accommodation, complete with a comfortable bed, a refreshing shower, and a delicious evening meal. Your bags will be waiting for you at your accommodation.

Our 6 Day Walk is the most popular as it covers the whole of the trail at a comfortable pace, but our shorter 3-Day Walks such as the Hike the Cape Walk and the 12 Apostles Walk are also a popular choice among walkers.

Bus Shuttles on a Timetable

If budget is a concern, there’s another alternative. Walk 91 offers a cost-effective bus tour option. This option lets you start your walk on specific days of the week (e.g. on a Sunday if you want to walk the whole 104km trail). However, there are lots of bus tour options available if you are looking for a shorter multi-day walking option.

Running on a bus schedule timetable, the Walk 91 bus departs from the Apollo Bay Information Centre each morning and, for most tours, returns you from the trail in the afternoons.

This is a great option if you’d like to base yourself in Apollo Bay for the duration of your walk. While you won’t receive accommodation with this package, it allows you to save money by booking your own lodgings or gives you the option of even bringing your own campervan and leaving it in town. However, keep in mind that you’ll spend more time in transit compared to staying near the trail outlined in the options above.


For those who crave a more rustic adventure, camping is a fantastic choice. The Great Ocean Walk boasts several picturesque campsites, some of which are absolute gems. If you’re willing to carry all your gear and camp, you have the freedom to choose between car-based camping spots and hike-in sites. You can book these spots in advance, and if you’re relatively fit, you don’t have to stay at all seven locations along the trail. Instead, select your campsites based on your walking capabilities.

If you prefer not to carry everything on your back, Walk 91 offers an assisted camping package. With this option, the Walk 91 trailer moves your gear to different camp spots as you progress along the trail. This way, you can access your gear in the afternoons when you are resting at the campsites, but leave it all in the trailer during the day as it moves to the next location. (Please note however that due to no car access, Devil’s Kitchen is not accessible, but you can access the trailer as you pass Wreck Beach carpark).  If you want to mix things up a bit, you can also consider camping for 3 nights and staying in accommodation for the remainder of your walk.

This option also relieves you of the burden of carrying large amounts of water, which is essential because there is no drinking water available on the Great Ocean Walk Trail.

These three options provide the choice and flexibility to enjoy the Great Ocean Walk in a manner that suits you best. Everyone’s preferences vary, and personalising your experience is key. If you have any specific requests or need more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Your Great Ocean Walk adventure awaits, and it’s time to plan it your way!