Discover the Great Ocean Walk: Self-Guided Bus Tours from Apollo Bay

Nestled in the foothills of Apollo Bay, Victoria, Australia, lies one of the most breathtaking natural wonders the world has to offer – the Great Ocean Walk. This magnificent trail along the Great Ocean Road is a paradise for hikers, nature enthusiasts, and adventure seekers.

If you’re looking for a unique and immersive way to experience this stunning landscape, look no further than the Daily and Multi-Day Self-Guided Bus Tours departing from and returning to Apollo Bay township.

These tours offer the perfect blend of adventure, local insights, and a genuine connection with nature and are a great choice for those who are looking for a supported walk with daily transfers, but would like to book their own accommodation. They depart and return to Apollo Bay township each day. However, if you are looking for a tour that includes accommodation, food, and luggage transfers, please check out these options which can be custom-made to suit you.

Available Walks

The Bus Tours offer a range of options, depending on your desired length of stay and starting day. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Daily Tours: For a half-day adventure or a full-day excursion, you can choose from Shelly Beach to Apollo Bay.
  • Multi-Day Tours: These tours span from 2 to 6 days, starting on different days of the week, allowing you to explore various sections of the Great Ocean Walk.

The walking legs available are as follows:







For all departures, you can check dates and availability and book online.

So why choose a Multi-Day Bus Tour?

  1. Walk with the Locals

One of the highlights of this tour is the opportunity to walk with seasoned local experts who know the Great Ocean Road like the back of their hand. With almost two decades of experience, they will share hidden gems and secrets that you won’t find in

  1. Local Support and Safety

Safety is paramount, and with designated communication points along the route, you’ll always have local assistance within reach. Receive daily updates on trail conditions, tides, and other essential information to ensure a worry-free hike. A comprehensive packing list and secure walk recommendations will put your mind at ease.

  1. Comprehensive Walk Resources

Dive deep into the journey with access to detailed walking and historical notes enriched by videos and insights. What’s more, you can seek advice from Mark Kininmonth, a former Parks Victoria ranger who helped build the track. To make navigation a breeze, an official Great Ocean Walk Map is included in all full-day tours.

Three people in outdoor clothing are standing around a white shuttle van parked on a rural road. One woman is stepping out of the van while two men stand nearby, one of them assisting her.
  1. Choose Your Walking Experience

Customise your adventure to suit your preferences. Select your preferred start date and the number of days you want to spend on the trail. You can choose to hike with fellow nature enthusiasts or savor the solitude; the choice is yours.

  1. Lighten Your Load

Worried about carrying heavy backpacks? With these tours, you can walk backpack-free and carry only a small day pack with essentials, allowing you to explore freely and unencumbered.

  1. Connect and Reconnect

Base yourself in Apollo Bay for a seamless experience. After a day of exploration, you can reconnect with friends or family in the afternoons, sharing stories of your adventures and cooling off at Apollo Bay’s safe swimming beaches.

An aerial view of a coastal campground with numerous white RVs and tents near the ocean. Tall trees surround the campsite, and waves can be seen crashing on the beach.
  1. Accommodation Freedom

These tours offer you the flexibility to choose accommodations that match your budget and preferences. Optimize your savings by booking multiple-night stays, or bring your caravan to set up in local caravan parks for added convenience.

  1. Culinary Delights

Savor the town’s culinary delights for breakfast and dinner. Explore local cafes and supermarkets for an authentic dining experience, or pack a delicious lunch from Apollo Bay’s locally-owned bakery for your hike.

Two men are outdoors eating slices of cake, smiling and facing the camera. One is wearing a black cap and blue shirt, and the other is in a green shirt. The background shows a serene, mountainous landscape.
  1. Cape Otway Lighthouse Bonus

As a delightful bonus, you’ll receive complimentary entry tickets to Cape Otway Lighthouse. You can climb the tower and explore the oldest surviving mainland Australian lighthouse during your journey.

  1. Your Support, Our Commitment

Your participation in these tours not only allows you to embark on a challenging and fulfilling journey but also contributes to the local community and the environment. The tour operators proudly support local football and netball clubs, wildlife conservation efforts, and The Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure along the Great Ocean Walk with the Daily and Multi-Day Self-Guided Bus Tours from Apollo Bay. Discover stunning landscapes, local insights, and the unique culture of the Great Ocean Road while contributing to the well-being of the local community and environment. Don’t miss this chance to immerse yourself in amazing views, stunning scenery, and encounters with Australian wildlife. Join us for an unforgettable Great Ocean Road adventure!