Eggselent Easter Activities in Apollo Bay at the start of the Great Ocean Walk

The Easter holidays in Victoria, Australia, is a great time of the year to be active outdoors in our wonderful part of the world that is called The Otway’s, on the scenic Great Ocean Road.

Autumn time here is known for its great surf and weather and most famously, just down the Great Ocean Road in Torquay, the Rip Curl Pro is held annually. It is the world’s longest running surfing competition and attracts professional surfers from all over the world.

The reason this competition is held at Easter is because it is a very common time for large swells, resulting from storms deep in the Southern Ocean, whilst winds and weather tend to be calm and mild along the coast itself. As well as surfers, many others escape the city to enjoy the Easter activities the Great Ocean Road coastline and its National Parks offer.

Apollo Bay is at the start of the Great Ocean Walk on the Great Ocean Road and visited not only by avid surfers (& learners) and beach lovers but cyclists, fishermen, sea kayakers (trying seal kayaking tours), sailors, hand gliders and of course bushwalkers.

A group of kayakers paddling in the ocean, with one person in a yellow kayak closer to the camera. They are wearing life jackets and helmets. The sky is partly cloudy.

The Great Ocean Walk, which starts in Apollo Bay is a raw, wild and beautiful 104-kilometre journey through one of the most diverse and lush stretches of coastline in Australia. In addition to experiencing the entire walk it is also possible to plan a one or two day walking break, which is perfect to fit in over the Easter long weekend, using Walk91’s services.

A person with hiking gear walks down a coastal trail towards a sandy beach with waves under a clear blue sky.


One reason that hiking a section of the Great Ocean Walk is the ultimate Easter outdoor activity is the sense of isolation and immersion in nature. The Great Ocean Road mainly winds around the Great Ocean Walk, and as many sections are not accessible by car, the walk is quiet and peaceful. For much of the time, you might only briefly see one or two other hikers during a day’s walk. One reason for this is Parks Victoria have a policy of asking people to walk east to west so that everyone walks in the same direction. You will actually spend more time interacting with birds, wallabies, koalas and echidna’s than humans!

A kangaroo is standing in the bush.

One does not have to be super fit to enjoy the Great Ocean Walk. A moderate level of fitness is sufficient to enjoy a day walk of about fifteen kilometres. (However, you can choose to walk further if you wish, or less than 15 kilometres if this suits your level of fitness).

Walk91 can custom make a walk for you to suit your needs.

Hiking is also a great way to take time out to reconnect with your partner, friends or even to take some time out alone to find some headspace and get back in touch with nature and the great outdoors.

So, if you want to get active and challenge yourself this Easter, whilst breathing in some of the freshest air in the world and enjoying some of the best scenery Australia has to offer, then get in touch with us here at Walk91 and allow us to help you plan an Easter activity you will remember for a lifetime.

Best Regards and happy walking.

The team at Walk91

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