Our accommodation hosts love to cook, but often cannot provide meals for complex dietary requests due to the lack of shops in their remote locations and limited kitchen facilities. Most accommodation hosts can offer Gluten Free & Vegetarian meals. However, they cannot cater for:

  • Celiac disease.
  • Walkers with anaphylaxis.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: TRACES OF GLUTEN, DAIRY, NUTS AND SHELLFISH may be present in all meals). IF the accommodation hosts can offer the following, we will advise of any additional fee incurred:

  • Vegan, Dairy Free diets or ‘No nuts/shellfish’.
  • Gluten-free vegans.
  • Those with more than one dietary restriction.

We totally understand that some walkers do have to request special dietaries for medical reasons. If this applies to you, we kindly ask that you check with us before booking if we are able to cater to your needs and we will advise if an additional fee is incurred. If we cannot cater for you, we will (pending availability) find you the perfect self-catering option with kitchen facilities🙂