Terms & Conditions


Updated 2022 

Please note that all walkers are required by government mandate to be fully vaccinated and must wear a mask whilst in our vehicles. Please do not come to Apollo Bay to commence your walk if you are unwell. If you show obvious signs of illness, Walk91 reserve the right to NOT allow you to commence your walk with us (unless you receive approval from a local doctor or hospital). Our priority is to protect the health of other walkers, Walk91 staff and accommodation owners.

Section A)


We will postpone your walk to a new start date or provide a credit note (no refund will be given). Please note that prices advertised may increase if you choose to walk over Christmas/Easter or Victorian School Holidays. If you do not have a re-booking date at this stage we will provide you with a credit note for the funds you have paid and you may use this credit note for any walk of your choice for 3 years from the time you postponed. The price will be as quoted at the time of your re-booking. A drivers licence will be requested / proof of your address and this will be passed on to the accommodation providers.

All other terms and conditions still apply as listed below (in section C).

Section B)


We will provide a credit note for the value of the amount that you have paid towards your walk minus any third party supplier cancellation fees that may be incurred. No refund will be given. We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance. Walk91 will follow the government mandate at the time of your walk (e.g. if you are required to isolate for 7 days and your walk starts within this timeframe, otherwise our usual terms and conditions apply). The credit note will be valid for 3 years from the date you postpone and can be used towards any product that we sell for the quoted/advertised price at the time of your new booking. If you are part of a group where some parties must postpone due to the above mentioned Covid-19 reasons but you still wish to walk with less participants, we will provide the updated group price. (The price increases if the number of participants reduces).

 All other terms and conditions still apply as listed below (in section C).


If a walker presents with covid on trip (or government close contact rules apply at the time of your walk) they will not be permitted to complete the trip and will be required to go home and isolate. No refund will be given & any costs incurred by isolating are at your/the walkers own expense. We recommend all walkers do a RAT prior to commencing the walk & purchase travel insurance. We appreciate that going home and isolating is difficult if walkers are from interstate. We cannot guarantee they will be permitted to isolate in the accommodation they are staying in because of future booking commitments/regulations the accommodation/s may have. Please be assured, however, that we are certainly here to look after you and if you fall ill we will help in any way we can.

All other terms and conditions still apply as listed below (in section C).

Section C)

If government COVID restrictions prevent Walk 91 from operating, Walk91 is not responsible and you and your group release and forever abandon any claim you may have against Walk 91 in relation to any incidental expenses you may have incurred as a result of your altered/cancelled booking such as/e.g. visas, vaccinations, non-refundable flights or loss of enjoyment etc. In the unfortunate event our third party accommodation providers are unable to open due to either catching Covid-19, or being a close contact to a Covid-19 patient, we will do whatever we can to re-accommodate you into similar accommodation. If this is not achievable, we will regrettably need to postpone your walk to an alternative date. Please be assured that our accommodation providers are doing whatever they can to reduce this risk and to keep their small businesses operating.


The walking trips and all services provided by Juras Industries Pty Ltd T/A Walk 91 (abn 46382326512) is hereafter referred to as Walk 91.

You and your group acknowledge that component services such as accommodation, meals, sightseeing, some transport etc. are supplied by subcontractors (3rd parties) to Walk 91. Walk 91 does not accept liability for the actions of these subcontractors. All accommodation is standard unless otherwise stated. All walking itineraries are independent and operate without a guide unless otherwise indicated.


ACCEPTANCE:  Your booking becomes valid after Walk 91 has received both your deposit/payment. You are therefore accepting upon paying your deposit/payment, that you and all members of the group accompanying you have read the terms of booking and all booking conditions and acknowledge that you and everyone in your group adhere to all advice given. The person making a group booking is presumed to have such authority from other members of the group. A group booking is a booking made for more than one person, and all payments must be made by one person representing the group (unless alternative payment arrangements have been agreed by Walk91).

PRICE QUOTATIONS: All itinerary prices (based on a specific number of walkers travelling together) no longer apply if the quoted number of walkers do not all pay in full. The total itinerary price will be i) covered by the remainder of walkers wishing to walk or ii) cancelled, & cancellation fees apply as described below.

CURRENCY, DEPOSITS & PAYMENTS: All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD$). Self-guided walk packages: A 30% deposit is required for Walk Packages at the time of booking to confirm your reservation. All payments must be made by one person representing the group (unless alternative payment arrangements have been agreed by Walk91).

LATE BOOKINGS: Walk Packages: In the case of late bookings, 30 days before the commencement date, full payment is required at the time of booking.

LATE PAYMENT FEES: Your walk is not confirmed until full payment is received, due 30 days before departure. Walk91 reserve the right to cancel your booking if full payment is not received.

DOCUMENT RE-ISSUE / AMENDMENT FEES: Walk Packages – A fee of AUD$100 per file will apply to rebook your accommodation / make any changes to your itinerary (if not due to COVID-19 government restrictions). Any amendments to your holiday arrangements made once a detailed itinerary has been emailed will incur the reissue fee. Each subsequent change made to the itinerary will attract a minimum fee of AUD$100 per file.

CUSTOMER CANCELLATIONS: We appreciate that in some cases customers have to cancel their bookings. In the event of cancellation, you agree to pay the cancellation fees listed below. Travel insurance is strongly recommended & provides protection against most legitimate reasons for cancellation. For any bookings cancelled after reservations have been confirmed and up to:

30 plus days prior to departure – loss of deposit or option to receive a credit note valid for 18 months to apply to any walk we have advertised minus $100 re-booking fee. (Peak rates apply for school holidays/Easter and Christmas).

29 days or less prior to departure – 100% loss of the full price/ of the total price.

No refund is available after departure of a tour has commenced.

Self-guided group itinerary prices (based on one or more walkers travelling together) no longer apply if the quoted/booked in number of walkers do not intend to walk or cancel for any reason. The total itinerary price will be

  1. covered by the remainder of walkers wishing to walk or
  2. cancelled, & cancellation fees applied as described above

Walk 91 are happy for you to find replacement walkers, to replace those who have dropped out of the group booking. Walk 91 will not individually refund walkers in the group who wish to cancel. The group (more than one person) is treated as one booking, not individual bookings. Valid refunds, as per the conditions listed, are only given to the person representing the group, who made the group booking (regardless of alternative payment arrangements agreed by Walk91).

If you depart your Walking Package / forced to leave your itinerary e.g. injury/illness or for personal reasons, no refunds will be made. (We recommend travel and cancellation insurance).

CANCELLATIONS/ALTERATIONS BY WALK91: In the unlikely event that we are unable to operate for any reason, Walk91 reserves the right to cancel any booking. If Walk91 cancels a confirmed booking you may choose between alternative dates (of equal value) or a full refund.

Walk 91 reserves the right to make changes to your itinerary that is necessary for the trip to operate. If the alterations change the nature of the trip significantly beyond the description / original itinerary, we will advise you as soon as possible and offer you a choice of accepting the altered itinerary (with any corresponding price adjustment) or transfer to another trip or date. Walk 91 is not responsible and you and your group release and forever abandon any claim you may have against Walk 91 in relation to any incidental expenses you may have incurred as a result of your altered/cancelled booking such as/e.g. visas, vaccinations, non-refundable flights or loss of enjoyment etc.

PRICE INCREASES: Walk 91 reserves the right to change any of the prices or services or other particulars contained in the brochure/website.  Once a deposit for a walk booking has been received the invoice will not change for the walk quoted and booked, unless the customer requires changes to be made to the itinerary. The invoice will then be re-issued. Walk 91 reserves the right to change any of the prices quoted, before the booking has a deposit applied against it.

TRAVEL & MEDICAL INSURANCE: Walk 91 strongly advise taking out travel insurance for medical expenses, (especially overseas visitors) for unforeseen losses, damage or injury, cancellation due to adverse weather conditions (including fire and flooding), cancellation fees and loss of luggage. Please note that in the event of a bush fire (or flood), or closure of the Otway National Park due to potential fire/flood danger/maintenance, you must adhere to all instructions issued by Parks Victoria & Walk91 for your safety. If you are unable to walk on any given day due to the closure of the Great Ocean Walk, Walk91 will arrange for you to be transferred to Apollo Bay, or you will be asked, if safe, to rest at your accommodation providers. Your walk will resume as the itinerary states, for the day of which it was planned. Walk91 accept no responsibility for any sections of the walk missed from the itinerary due to park closure. For residents of Australia, in the case of extreme emergency please ensure that your ambulance registration is up to date, before you leave home, as this cost is payable by yourselves.

In the event of a flood or fire whilst you are walking, or threat of a fire, the Otway National Park/Great Ocean Walk may close indefinitely. Walk 91 will do as much as is possible to help find you alternative accommodation in the area if the Park closes, at your own cost. Transport back to Apollo Bay will be provided. No refunds will be given. (We recommend travel and cancellation insurance).

You and your group acknowledge that if required Walk 91 would arrange medical or hospital treatment (including ambulance transportation) for you and for all members of the group. By confirming your booking, you and your group authorise such action being taken and agree to meet all costs associated with such action.

WALK91 ITINERARIES & FITNESS: Walk 91 itineraries are for people in good health. It is your responsibility to walk or partake in any activity, within your ability. We reserve the right to refuse to accept a booking based on any information revealed to us. If you are unsure about your or your group’s suitability for your preferred walk/activity please ask. It is you and your group’s responsibility to behave sensibly on the walk and not take risks. Stay on marked trails or roads. On Self-Guided Walks/ itineraries you must prepare carefully for each walk, paying particular attention to the official Great Ocean Walk map recommended. On payment of your trip, you acknowledge that you and your group have the appropriate skills necessary to follow signs/ maps. You are responsible for your own conduct during the trip and agree to indemnify Walk 91 against any consequent liabilities you may incur. You and your group acknowledge that following Walk 91 and Parks Victoria’s guidelines will improve your personal safety, minimise your environmental impact & increase opportunities for wildlife observation. If at any stage you cannot finish the walking leg/distance as listed on your itinerary you must be able to walk to the nearest access point where there is car access for Walk91 to come and collect you. Waiting times will most certainly occur as Walk91 cannot predict in advance and plan for such an occurrence.

ASSUMPTION OF RISK: On payment of your trip, you and your group are accepting that Walk 91 are not responsible for any injury incurred whilst on the Great Ocean Walk or in any accommodation, transportation provided/ recommended. You acknowledge that a Walk 91 itinerary activity has greater risks than normal, because of remoteness from medical assistance, possible roughness of paths, steep ascents and descents, changeability of local conditions including weather, physical exertion required, potential extremes of hot or cold or wet weather, transport delays and personal injury or illness. You and your group acknowledge that your choice of this itinerary/activity is partly because of its greater risks than normally occurring at home or work, and your subsequent satisfaction to be gained from your effort expended. You and your group agree to assume all the risks associated with this itinerary /activity, whether those risks have been specified or not. Therefore, please read carefully the safety details on the official Parks Victoria Great Ocean Walk Map, and adhere to any rules and recommendations Walk91, accommodation hosts, drivers and food suppliers have in place for your safety. The driver’s instructions must be followed at all times for your safety and the safety of other walkers.

CATERING: * Walk91 can cater for Vegetarian, Vegan, *Gluten Free *Dairy Free *No nuts/shellfish (*See notes on ‘traces’). We cannot cater for those with anaphylaxis and Walk91 are not responsible for any illness/injury relating to food provided/prepared by our 3rd party suppliers.
*TRACES OF GLUTEN, DAIRY, NUTS AND SHELLFISH may be present in all food provided. If you have dietary requirements other than those listed above, or suffer from anaphylaxis it is your responsibility to select a self-catered walk option. Please note that if you change your dietary preference two weeks or less from the time of your walk, a $25 fee per accommodation you are staying in will be charged to cover any costs incurred.

Any walker who chooses to self-cater is responsible for their own food preparation and storage of food. We do not take responsibility for any food/illness resulting in those who choose to self cater.

SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted at any time on the bus/car / in any transport/vehicle. Smoking is not permitted inside any of the accommodation.

COMPLAINTS: If you have a difficulty or complaint during your trip please immediately bring it to the notice of your Walk91 staff member, or accommodation host. He/she should be able to provide a remedy on the spot so you can continue to enjoy your holiday.