What Are Some Places to Visit in Australia During a 10-day Trip

Australia is the sixth biggest country in the World — just smaller than Brazil and over twice the size of India. This means that you couldn’t see everything worth seeing in Australia in ten months, never mind ten days. However, most people expect to visit a country for between one and two weeks, so we thought ten days would be a nice round number to write about. If you have ten days in Australia and you’d like to see as much as possible that’s worth seeing, then this is the blog for you. We aren’t providing a hard-and-fast itinerary for you to follow, just a selection of places and activities that make the most of your time and showcase a range of Australia’s incredible beauty.

Spend 3 Days on Victoria’s Great Ocean Walk

View of the Twelve Apostles rock formations along the coast with waves crashing against the stacks and a cloudy sky above.

The 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Walk

Given that we specialise in Great Ocean Walk packages, of course this would be the first suggestion on this guide. While we do offer an epic 7-day Great Ocean Walk experience, this would take up seven of your ten days, leaving little time for anything else. Instead, we recommend taking our shortest 3-day Great Ocean Walk, which travels from Aire River to 12 Apostles. With breathtaking scenery, such as Johanna Beach, Milanesia Beach, Gables Lookout, and the famous 12 Apostles, this walk offers the wildness of Australia’s southern coast and the comfort of the top accommodation we have organised along the way. This is a portion of one of the World’s legendary walks and it has some of Australia’s most beautiful sights. Given this part of Victoria’s isolation from towns and cities, it’s a good idea to do this walk after you’ve spent some time in nearby Melbourne.

Spend at Least 2 Days in Melbourne

City skyline with various tall buildings seen from across a river, a bridge spans the water, and a small boat is shown below during sunset.

Melbourne is the second biggest city in Australia, which means that it’s packed full of people and packed full of things to do. In fact, with a population of 5 million people, Melbourne makes up 19% of the country’s entire population! This area has also been home to native Australian people for over 40 thousand years and only in 1835 did Europeans begin to settle here. Melbourne has some of the best cuisine in Australia, with incredible Asian restaurants (especially Hong Kong-style dim sum). The street art in the city is very impressive and there is a wonderful atmosphere as you explore the streets, whether seeking out the famous street art or looking for some of the city’s most iconic sights, including the National Gallery of Victoria, the Royal Exhibition Building, the world-famous Melbourne Cricket Ground, and the Flinders Street Station and Federation Square.

Spend 1 Day in Canberra

Exterior view of modern government building with a unique architectural design, featuring a central spire and symmetrical wings, set against a partly cloudy sky with a circular water feature in the foreground.

Even though Canberra is Australia’s capital city, most tourists overlook it, preferring to spend time in Melbourne or Sydney. We think that all three cities are amazing and more than deserve your attention. Arguably the best thing about Canberra is the amazing looking Parliament House (pictured above). This incredible building was built it 1988 and it is an impressive example of how modern architecture can make a statement without pushing things so far that it begins to date within a decade or two. You can just visit the outside of the Parliament Building, and take a few photos, but we recommend taking the tour as it’s a great way to learn a little more about Australia’s politics. While in Canberra, also make sure to visit the botanical gardens for some beautiful plant life. And if you’d like to learn even more about the city, you can visit the National Capital Exhibition.

Spend 2 Days in Sydney

A nighttime view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with lights illuminated, the Sydney Opera House, and city skyline in the background.

Sydney is perhaps the most famous city in Australia, and while we don’t think it’s better than Melbourne, it is definitely on par. Sydney’s waterside is where the city really stands out as there is a pristine decadence unlike anywhere we’ve ever been. The famous Sydney Opera House is on the waterside, and although it is so popular that it is verging on cliché to visit it, it is also popular for a reason; it’s just such a unique building. You can also opt to have a meal in the restaurant housed within the Opera House, but you may need to book long in advance to secure a table. There is a lot to see and do in Sydney, so consider what you like to do when you visit a new city. You could climb the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, visit four floors of modern Chinese art at White Rabbit Gallery, or you could go kayaking on the harbour.

Spend 1 Day in Sydney Zoo

If you’re fascinated by Australia’s wild life, you could also go to Sydney Zoo, which has a huge range of the unique animals that make Australia so special. Sydney Zoo is publicly funded, which makes for a more ethical enterprise where animal welfare is the highest concern. Meet the marsupials and large reptiles that Australia is so famous for. Of course, you can see some of these animals on our Great Ocean Walks, but you won’t see quite as many as you will in the zoo.

Spend 1 Day in Brisbane

We recommend spending at least one day in Brisbane. The third biggest city in Australia, and the capital city of Queensland, Brisbane has a lot of impressive architecture to appreciate; spend some time walking though the centre of the city, just taking in the unique cityscape. Residing on the Brisbane River, the centre of the city looks amazing, as tall skyscrapers tower about the river. Make sure to visit Story Bridge (a twin of Montreal’s Jacques Cartier Bridge) for some incredible views, and don’t miss Roma Street Parkland: a little oasis of trees, plant life, and water. And the city offers even more greenery at Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. 

That’s all we have time for just now. We’ve covered ten days in Australia, but there is obviously a fair bit of travel time depending on how you move from city to city. However long you plan to spend in Australia, everyone here at Walk 91 hopes you’ll have an amazing time. And if you have any questions about our Great Ocean Walk tours, then please feel free to get in touch. Happy travels. 

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